Five Keys to Success Leading Digital Business Transformation by Cisco

  1. Lead from the Top Down: Given the magnitude of digital transformation, only top-down leadership will ensure that new strategic directions are cultivated throughout the organization and the right culture of innovation is created.
  1. Create the Workforce of the Future: Digital business transformation requires a next-generation workforce that is digitally savvy, creative, and accustomed to constant change. Collaboration solutions and the sharing of information — in real time and across fragmented silos — are critical.
  1. Merge Business Processes and Technology: By knocking down silos and integrating IT and operational technology (OT), organizations can drive real-time agility and deliver new levels of business and operational efficiency as they connect everything, embrace analytics, and secure their technology and operations.
  1. Ideate and Innovate Fast: Agile IT, automated business processes, enhanced collaboration and decision-making, real-time insight — all of these factors combine to create fast innovation. The digital business ideates quickly as creative, connected employees drive rapid prototypes and speed time to market — and respond to ever-changing opportunities, successes, and failures.
  1. Cultivate the Partner Ecosystem: Organizations will need to rethink their partner ecosystems as they seek unique value that will create new disruption. Cultivating the right network of vendors, partners, and contract workers will be critical to smoother and more impactful digital business transformation.



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